White Label Partner Setup Walkthrough

Choose the White Label Partner Plan that works best for you.

Enter your email and a password that is 12 characters or longer

Enter your payment details

Now create a CNAME record with your domain registrar that points to buzzer.whitelabelsaas.pro After you create the record it may take up to 24hrs for changes to take effect depending on your provider (usually less than 1hr).

In the Settings section of your dashboard enter the URL of the domain that you are going to be using for your service.

Next search for an Access Number with the local area code you want to serve. Note that this number will be given to your customers so that they can have their building manager set it up in their buzzer system.

If you wish to charge different prices than our suggested defaults, you can change those numbers in the Setting section of your dashboard here. You will be using your own payment provider and are free to charge your customers any amout that you like. The numbers here are only used to calculate the Revenue and Profit in the Stats section of the dashboard. This is for your convenience and is never shown to your customers.

Make a website/funnel/landing page that converts your target audience!

Collect Payment

After collecting payment you can have your users complete the registration with our service by directing them to the appropriate link for the plan that they've selected. These links are unique to you and must be the domain name you set in your dashboard

  • Basic User Plan: https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/register?plan=1
  • Standard User Plan: https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/register?plan=2
  • Pro User Plan: https://YOURDOMAIN.COM/register?plan=3

There are a few ways of doing this. Either email them the link for final setup, have a button with the link on your payment success page, or with most payment gateways you can redirect after successful payment to a URL of your choice.

This link will take your Customer to the registration page shown below.

Your customers can then log in through the domain name you made the CNAME for earlier and that you set in your dashboard.

  • https://YOURDOMAIN.COM

You can now see your customers in your dashboard:


For any customer you have as active in your account we will automatically bill the card you have on file with us. Unless you make other payment arrangements with support@whitelabelsaas.pro

Intervals of payments are based on when your clients sign up. How much time passes before billing depends on which White Label Partner Plan you are on:

  • Basic = Next Day
  • Standard = 15 Days
  • Pro = 30 Days

Remember, we charge you, not your customer.

End User Setup Walkthrough

After your customers subscribe on your website and payment processor of your choice, you will provide them with a link to the final registration page shown below. The Access Number that your user selects here will be the number they give to their building manager for input into the buzzer system. The buzzer activation button is whatever key they currently press on their phone to unlock the door when buzzed.

Once your user is logged into the platform (mobile or desktop) they have some options depending on which user tier they are on. The most important thing they need to do is to have their building manager switch the phone number that their buzzer calls to the one shown in their account dashboard settings.

Once their building manager has made the change, they can start creating access codes. This is done by hitting the plus sign button

If they are on the Pro tier plan then they have full scheduling abilitiy to activate and de-activate codes on specific times and dates. Otherwise they can create up to 10 unique codes on the Basic tier and unlimited codes on the Standard tier.

Once a user has codes created, they can toggle them on and off as they like. Pro tier plan users can schedule the activation and deactivation as required.

Now your users can provide the codes to their guests, friends, family, cleaners... When a guest buzzes their unit, the guest will be asked to enter their access code on the keypad, if the code is valid and active the door will be automatically unlocked.

Users have the option to select a Short Code Rule. If someone buzzes their unit and enters just the 3 digit Short Code a default action can happen. This is great for deliveries, cleaners, and others who need frequent access. Only Standard and Pro users can set the Grant Access action.

We've worked hard to minimize the setup for Users. All that your new customer needs to do is give the Access Number (found in their User Dashboard) to their building manager to have it set as the number that the buzzer system calls. Once that is done then everything is ready for them to start creating Access Codes and Special rules, there are no other setup steps for Users.

Access Codes are 7 digit codes that can be used to gain access to a building. The code consists of a 3 digit prefix and a 4 digit user chosen code.

The 3 digit Short Code is assigned to each user when their account is created. It cannot be changed. This prefix is added to the front of every code that a user creates and along with the Access Number called is used to identify a user when a code is input in a buzzer system. This way the system can provide the correct response. The use of prefixes is how we can allow multiple users to utilize the same Access Number

An Access Number is the phone number that a user gives to their building manager to have their Buzzer System call. For most users it will replace their cell number in the Buzzer System. This is the number that is called when someone buzzes the user.

We guarantee that you will be able to have a minimum of 500 active users per Access Number.

The Access Numbers are owned by you, when you direct a user to the registration page you have the option of choosing an access number for them, or allowing them to select from any of your available numbers. The Access Number is clearly displayed in the User Dashboard.

No, a User account supports only one location at a time. If a user wants to have multiple locations then they will need multiple accounts. We hope to offer multiple locations in a future update.

Users with the Basic User plan can have a maximum of 10 Access Codes at any time. These Access Codes could be active or inactive. If a user wants to add a new Access Code after they've reached the limit, they can delete an old code and then make a new one.

Standard and Pro Users can turn on/off notifications in their User Dashboard, and Pro Users can also turn on/off Text message notifications. Currently a notification will be sent on every Access Code use and the Grant Access and Deny Special Rules if notifications are turned on. We are continually working on improving the system, and more granular control of notifications will be available in a future update.

Special Rules are conveniences that are available when someone inputs just the 3 digit Short Code. The Special Rules consist of Grant Access which opens the door immediately on recieving the 3 digit Short Code, Call Me which forwards the buzzer call to the user's phone number allowing them to talk to the person and choose to buzz them in or not, and Deny which will not grant access on a 3 digit Short Code.

We provide a toggle that allows a user to Deny All access via their buzzer regardless of Access Code use. This provides added comfort and security to users by providing total control over their system.

Users can add a specific date and time for Access Codes to become Activated, and a separate date and time for the code to become Deactivated. Activation/Deactivation are independent, a code does not need one scheduled for the other to work. The schedule can be added at the time of code creation, or it can be added/changed by editing the Access Code

We've worked hard to minimize the setup for Users. All that your new customer needs to do is give the Access Number (found in their User Dashboard) to their building manager to have set as the number that the buzzer system calls. Once that is done then everything is ready for them to start creating Access Codes and Special rules, there are no other setup steps for Users.

No. Our system relies on the buzzer system calling a phone number when a unit is buzzed. Systems that do not make phone calls are not compatible. Most buzzer systems in use today utilize the phone network to operate, however some older buildings may still use a hard-wired intercom.

It depends, some buildings and systems allow for long-distance numbers while others do not and require a local number. When you sign up as a partner with a White Label account you are able to choose your Access Numbers so that you have numbers in the cities and regions where your customers are located.